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We are a fully licensed tour operator and we employ local guides.

BANJUL CITY TOUR: Banjul is the city of the Gambia. Where we have the most busiest market in the Gambia, You will visit the Arch 22, the national museum etc.

BAKAU CRODODILE POOL: You will charlie the friendliest crocodiles in the Gambia that you can touch and take a photo with him and his family. Indigenous history of Bakau and the  pool will be available in the museum, you can ask any question.

BIJILO FOREST PARK: This is the existing forest park in the Gambia, where we have the monkeys that can play with and shake hands to say bye bye. They are very entertaining.

ABUKO NATURE RESERVE AND BRIKAMA CRAFT MARKET: This is another biggest nature reserve where different types of animals can be found like; Monkeys, Baboons, Hyenas, Antelopes, Tortoises, Birds and snakes. Brikama has the biggest market in town where they make wood carving in the tourist market.

THE MAKASUTU FOREST PARK: Makasutu Culture forest is West Africa’s premier eco tourist destination. This pristine tropical 1000-acre reserve borders five mile of the Mandina Bolong (river) and encompasses five different eco systems – gallery forest, savannah, mangroves, palm forest and wetland/salt flats. These diverse eco systems sustain a great assortment of wildlife that includes a gast array of bird life to monitor lizards and troops of migrating baboons.

Visitors to Makasutu are taken on walks with expert guides through the bush after an orientation on the history and myths of the area. These guided walks bring visitors face to face with the indigenes of the area who still make Makasutu their home. Visitors have the chance to sample palm wine directly from the source, observe the local oyster women on their daily collections and visit Makasutu’s very own Marabou (holy man).

Locally crafted dug out canoes carry visitors along the calm waters of Mandina Bolong, whose riverbanks overflow with hush mangroves and bird life. Giant herons and king fishers are just two of the beautiful birds that can be observed at work. Depending on the tide, visitors to the area will see local fishermen plying the Bolong in their ancient dug out canoes, or wading the waters with their throwing nets.

SOUTH GAMBIA: where you will the best cleanness beach in the Gambia, also situated at the paradise beach. You will see blue water with white sandy beach. There are lots of beach entertainment like ballet dancing etc.

KATONG SNAKE FARM: This is where you will find biggest snakes 9 meters long are kept without poisonous glands. You can play, feel and touch them and round them on your neck.

ROOTS KUNTA KINTEH ISLAND: This is the ancestral home of Alex Halay, the author of the book Roots. Slave trade was conducted at the Kunta kinte island where you see the door of no return, visit the museum and the village authority. Trip is by boat with lunch on board.

LAMIN LODGE: This is where the Ouster factory is located and the shelling of Ousters takes place quite interesting exercise because when they finish they turn it to white cement. There is descent restaurant right on the sea with mangroves surrounding you. life Monkeys will be entertaining guest. Trip includes food and drinks.

GEORGETOWN TWO DAYS TRIPLocated in the indigenous hinterland about 218 kilometres. Arrive and go for Hippos visit by boat with lunch and entertainment. Visit locals and see 16 people living in one house. Visit the museum and learn about the history. Trip to Georgetown  includes overnight accommodation with dinner.

SENEGAL FATALA PARK:  Is the national park of Senegal where animals like Lion, Zebra, Giraffe, Hyena, Antelope, Snake, Crocodile, with palm nut vulture. The trip includes breakfast with free drinks including entrance fee to the park.

LAZY DAY TRIP BY BOAT: trip for lazy day includes drinks, Biscuits, coffee / tea with live entertainment like drumming and dancing from to