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The Gambia is a small West African country, bounded by Senegal, with a narrow Atlantic coastline. It’s known for its diverse ecosystems around the central Gambia River. Abundant wildlife in its Kiang West National Park and Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve includes monkeys, leopards, hippos, hyenas and rare birds. The capital, Banjul, and nearby Serrekunda offer access to beaches.

Gambia Most Beautiful places

Banjul is the capital city of the Gambia, a small West African country bordered by Senegal. The city sits on an island where the Gambia River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Its colonial buildings include the National Museum, dedicated to Gambian culture and history. Vendors at the lively Albert Market sell colorful textiles and local produce. The city’s main entrance is marked by the immense.
Brufut is a town near the city of Serrekunda, in the Gambia. A wide, palm-dotted beach stretches along its Atlantic coastline. The Brufut Woods Community Project is a nature preserve home to birds like owls and cuckoos. Southwest of town, the Tanji Bird Reserve occupies the Tanji River estuary and its islands. The reserve shelters raptors and migratory birds, as well as rare monk seals and nesting sea turtles.
MacCarthy Island, also called Jangjangbure, originally Lemain Islandisland, in the Gambia River, 176 miles (283 km) upstream from Banjul, central Gambia. It was ceded in 1823 to Captain Alexander Grant of the African Corps, who was acting for the British crown. Designated as a site for freed slaves
Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve is a national park in The Gambia. Established in 1996 it covers 220 square kilometres. The Wetland Reserve is located on the north bank of the River Gambia, approximately 100 km from the river mouth. The name is derived from the Bao Bolon tributary that rises in Senegal and enters the River Gambia. It extends from the River Gambia north to the Senegalese border along the Baobolon tributary.
Basse Santa Su, usually known as Basse, is a town in the Gambia, lying on the south bank of the River Gambia. The easternmost town in the nation, it is known for its important market. As of 2009 it has an estimated population of 18,414.
Albreda is a historic settlement in the Gambia on the north bank of the Gambia River, variously described as a ‘trading post’ or a ‘slave fort’. It is located near Jufureh in the North Bank Division and an arch stands on the beach connecting the two places. As of 2008, it has an estimated population of 1,776.
Kanilai is a village in southern Gambia, near the border with Senegal. Former president of The Gambia Yahya Jammeh was born in this village and expanded it after coming to power.
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Kiang West National Park is one of the largest and most important wildlife reserves in the Gambia. It was declared a national park in 1987 and is managed by the Gambia Department of Parks and Wildlife Management.
Serekunda is a sprawling urban area in the Gambia, a small West African country bordered by Senegal. In town, the huge Serekunda Market sells local produce and textiles. The nearby Atlantic coast is known for its beaches and resort villages, which run south from Bakau to Kotu and Kololi. In Bakau, the Kachikally Crocodile Pool offers close encounters. Lively bars and restaurants cluster on Kololi’s beachfront strip.
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